Music video: Lana Del Rey goes GTA on a helicopter in "High on the beach"

Lana Del Rey's music video for "High on the beach" is nonsense. But it's nonsense that will inevitably become a pop parody and secure a place in pop music video history and be the 'aesthetic' for many of her fans. Why? Because it features Lana pulling out some Gears of war looking-ass gun and shooting down a helicopter in flesh coloured pumps, a maxi dress and a cardigan. Bitch is not playing around with the paps.

I wasn't so concerned at Lana shooting down a helicopter as I was as to why Lana wore a black bra underneath a white dress. But maybe that's just me.

"High by the beach" is one of those songs which grows on me more with each listen. Nothing about it is particularly striking and nothing really jumps out. But the monotony and the drone like feel of the song manages to work its way into my head, and before I know it I'm rocking away to this shit. This is not a song I would ever go out of my way to play. But if it came on the radio whilst I was in my car, I'd turn it up and crack a window. If it came on in the club, I would 2-step.

I can not imagine it will be too long until a remix of "High by the beach" surfaces featuring a rapper. The beat is asking for such, and the shooting down of the helicopter must surely give Lana some gangsta credibility.


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