Music video: The Wonder girls return as a quartet and channel 80s Robert Palmer realness for "I feel you"

The 80s seems to be a decade many female K-Pop acts are pulling from at the moment. Girls' generation with "Party", Sistar with "Shake it" and Stellar with "Vibrato" to name a few. But none have managed to pull it off quite like the Wonder girls have. They have not parodies the 80s. They have embodied it completely to such a point that you could play this song and video to somebody who is not plugged into K-Pop, tell them this song is from the 80s and they would not think twice that it was released in 2015. Because the authenticity is THAT damn real.

"I feel you" sees the girls taking on a way more sexually charged image than we've seen from them prior. The Wonder girls looking like the dolls in Robert Palmer's videos is not a look you would have ever thought they would rock, but they do and they do it well. They pull it off without it seeming out of place or out of character. There is a definite sense that Sunye no longer being in the group allowed JYP to push the Wonder girls' look and concept to a point that he would not have been able to were she still in the group. Sunye rides for Jesus. So there is no way in high hell that she would ever pop her pussy in heels, tight little PVC outfits and a keytar strapped over her shoulder. Not that a God fearing woman wouldn't do as such. Beyoncé felt no way about it for"Green light". But this get-up just isn't in Sunye's character and I could not imagine her being comfortable with this. Nor can I imagine her being comfortable with the video taking place in Sunmi's pussy.

If any of you are wondering where my wig is, it's in the toilet that Sunmi was sitting on. I am in complete love with this song and video.