Perfume perform at a Japanese music festival wearing Soul Calibur DLC outfits

Perfume perform at the Japanese music festival METROCK wearing Soul Calibur DLC outfits | Random J Pop

As has become somewhat customary for the Hiroshima royalty that is Perfume, the trio performed at the Japanese music festival METROCK and had the entire crowd head banging for their lives and the holy ghosts of their deceased relatives.

As always, Perfume hit their marks perfectly and did not miss a beat nor a step. But they looked awful. I was not here for the Soul Calibur, Xianghua tribute outfits. I honest to God miss the good old Triangle and Game days when these girls hit stages looking like they had some form of style and somebody had a fuck to give their hair and their shoe game.

The set list consisted of Nocchi's solo single "Pick me up", "Seventh heaven" and the EDM classic "Party maker".

As much as I love "Seventh heaven", it felt really out of place within the setlist. None of the crowd seemed to care, but I feel a better song could have been chosen to bridge "Pick me up" and "Party maker". "Display" could have been one such song, especially as the girls have only ever performed it on their 2014 Gurun Gurun tour and have not performed it since.

When I had first witnessed the perfection that was Perfume's "Party maker" performance on their LEVEL3 dome tour, I never expected them to ever perform it again unless they were able to replicate it in exactly the same way. So I was pleasantly surprised to see them include it in their Gurun Gurun tour setlist albeit in a revised form, then again for their World tour 3rd and yet again for their METROCK set. "Party maker" is one of their most crowd hyping songs since "Fake it" which it now seems to replace in their set lists where they would otherwise perform it. So it's a great thing that Perfume's creative aren't so precious over them performing "Party maker" without the full scale lifts or the screens, as not to deny their fans a chance to see them perform it live.

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