Album art & tracklisting: Crystal Kay - Shine

After a 3 year hiatus, Crystal Kay is back with her follow up to Vivid. When Crystal first released Vivid in 2012 fans were received a quenching of thirst that had become unfathomable after a lacklustre EP, a deadpan album and news that Crystal Kay had switched record labels. And she delivered. Vivid was one of the best pop albums to drop in 2012. Not just within Japanese pop, but in general. So the nerve of this woman to leaved us parched for almost 4 years and then release a bunch of boring US singles, a string of dry Japanese singles and then an album which stinks of Spin the music part 2.

I have not liked a single one of Crystal Kay's singles since "My heartbeat". And whilst I am happy that she is releasing new music, I fear that this album will drop on a whimper rather than a bang. It seems to be towing that holiday album, but not quite vibe that Spin the music released in the midst of.

Crystal Kay - Shine [CD + Blu Ray] | Random J Pop Crystal Kay - Shine [CD + DVD] | Random J Pop

I'm praying on my coverless Vivid inlay, my flannel shirt and my denim cut offs that Crystal drops another album in 2016 from now.

  1. Nando demo
  2. I'm beautiful
  3. Very special featuring Sandaime of J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE
  4. Kimi ga ita kara
  5. Revolution featuring Namie Amuro
  6. The light
  7. Shooting star
  8. #Heartmelt featuring AK-69
  9. Kimi to futari nara
  10. Everlasting
  11. Someday
  12. Present
  13. Revolution (PKCZ(r) remix) featuring Sway

The official promo spot for the album can be viewed below, which features clips of "Revolution", "Kimi ga ita kara", "Nando demo" and "Very special", which would sound great if it wasn't for this J Soul Brothers dude ruining it with his weak vocal game.

Vivid popped off with "Superman" and "Delicious na kinyobui" which were absolute jams. Shine has released with "Kimi ga ita kara", "Revolution" and "Nando demo" none of which I can remember the choruses to. Meanwhile I still be remembering "Superman" from front to back and was arching my back in a bowling alley last week to "Delicious na kinyoubi".

Crystal Kay's 11th studio album Shine is released on December 16th.


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