Ayumi Hamasaki loses her damn mind on Twitter and gets her account locked down

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Whilst Namie Amuro is on tour, Kumi Koda is content just living her life and Hikaru is off the grid and living off of her Kingdom Hearts royalties, Ayumi Hamasaki's personal life and career continues to spiral into the depths like Maleficent's dungeon staircase.

Ayumi Hamasaki had gotten married last year (her second marriage, following her divorce from first husband Manuel Schwarz, whom she had wed in 2011). But in a tweet that she had posted in mid October, many had speculated as to whether Ayu had separated from her new husband, she had a new boo, if she was punking everybody, or if she had drunk tweeted.

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The tweet read: #let’s forget something little by little, #let's anticipate a new something, #bye bye my love, #hello my love. 

Oh gurl.

Ayu's management and record label were not having any of it. So they confiscated her phone, deleted a vast amount of Ayu's previous tweets and handed her Twitter account over to 'the staff'. Whilst staff managing official Twitter accounts of celebrities is very normal; for staff to step in so soon after the tweet that caused such commotion has raised a red flag with fans and followers. Ayu is one of the few big J-Pop acts who has been highly active on Twitter and regularly interacts with fans. So the thought that the continuous flow of updates and interaction Could end has left fans upset and concerned. However, the next day following 'the takeover' Ayu herself had supposedly tweeted. I say 'supposedly' because the tweet was probably posted under the supervision of 'the staff'. In fact it was probably the staff who sent the tweet to shut the fans up and do damage control.

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The past few years have not been kind to Ayu, amidst the flop albums, flop singles and failed relationships. Her music and branding is in desperate need of a reboot. But this would require her to stay out of the limelight and not release anything for at least a year and we all know that Ayu would not be able to do this. Even in death this woman would still be releasing albums and somehow holding performances at large scale venues - which would include her wig hanging from a harness, as her dancers wave a glittered flag and a DJ plays all of her hits and dubstep remixes of her late millennial flops.