Faky are back

Faky are back | Random J Pop

Japanese pop girl group Faky are back. Wait...Did anybody even know they were gone? Did anybody even know the group existed!? Nope? Okay. So maybe a refresher is in order so we can build up to Faky's return.

Faky debuted in 2013 with "Better without you" which did nothing to differentiate the group from the noise of other girl groups who were putting out similar sounding songs, with almost identical looks - particularly in K-Pop. For this reason (amongst others) Faky pretty much died. The lives of the members would have been all but a distant memory had it not been for the individual members updating their Instagrams regularly. But the continual stream of updates by the members in regards to their personal lives all the while nothing was happening with them professionally made the few fans they'd made in the 10 minutes they were active ask questions as to whether the group would return. 2 years later, Avex finally decided to answer those fans. All 8 of them.

Faky are set to return with a brand new single before the end of the year, something which has been preceded by an official trailer featuring which may or may not ever be released in full.

Faky was originally a 5 member group. But with 2 of the members having left (both of whom are probably kicking themselves after realising that there was actually a plan for the group to make a come back) Faky are now a 4 piece, with original members Anna, Lil Fang, Makiko and new member Akina (with the pink hair).

Faky's first single will be a maxi featuring the songs "Afterglow", "You" and "Candy" - all of which sound incredibly derivative. "Afterglow" sounds like a DJ Mustard knock off. "You" sounds like an imitation of "Toxic". "Candy" sounds like a poor man's version of Jennifer Lopez's "Get right". It's a shame the music in the teaser wasn't the single, because it sounded current enough to sit within today's sound scape, but different enough that it would get attention. Plus, its a bit of a bop.

You can stream the songs on Apple music and Google play, which marks a big step forward for their record label and management team Avex.

How Avex will fully handle this comeback is anybody's guess. There's an opening in the J-Pop market for a group who aren't your typical idol group. But these songs do not sound strong at all and its evident even at this early stage that Avex still don't quite know how to proposition this group.

Avex have the luxury of everybody forgetting about these girls, so they can fully reboot them how they see fit. But if it goes wrong this time around, there will not be a third chance. They will need to play their cards right, but their first hand already seems weak, so let's see if Faky manage to get as far as to release a full length album.