GFRIEND get low live on stage

K-Pop girl group GFRIEND performed at an event, with a member ailing an injured knee and a stage that had been soaked in rain. The girls tried to be practical and took to the stage in sneakers as opposed to the obligatory heels to woo the crowds. But that didn't stop some of the members from slippin' and slidin' like Bambi on ice. The members of the group may have suffered deep shame as a result. But they can rest assured that this is the best promo they have ever gotten and will ever get.

I will be honest with you. I had no idea what or who a GFRIEND was until I saw this video. But now I'm a bit of a fan.

Miss Injury kept it moving. There were moments when she hit the floor and looked like she wasn't going to get up, but she did, and for that I have to salute her. It was very sweet of the other members top help her up too. It sounds like a given: when your friend falls flat on their face, you pick them up. But sometimes you fall down, you look around for that helping hand and it's not there for you. Let us never forget when Destiny's Child performed on BET and Kelly Rowland left poor Michelle tasting the floor for a good minute, leaving somebody else to step in to help her.


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