Music video: f(x) - 4 walls

With Girls' generation offering nothing new and having pretty much bored me to other side and back with Lion heart, I looked to f(x) to hit me with something. Their lead track "4 walls" from their 4th album of the same name is not what I was expecting at all and the same goes for the video. Whilst both represent a nice change of image and pace for the group, there is a sense of déjà vu here.

f(x)'s "4 walls" bears more than a striking resemblance to SHINee's "View". For those who are wondering if they're going mad or I'm talking crazy, a fan has already done a mash-up of the two to highlight the similarities. SM entertainment are not strangers to recycling concepts and sounds between their acts.

Cynicism aside, I do really like "4 walls". It's a good song with an equally nice video which bucks the trend of what you would have expected from f(x). When you look at "4 walls" in isolation, it's a job well done. But if you're fully aware of SHINee and "View" (which let's face it, most K-Pop and f(x) fans are and will be) then it comes off as a little lazy. But a good song is a good song, and "4 walls" is good.


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