Music video: JoJo - When love hurts

Fresh out of legal hell from her last label, JoJo is set to make her oft delayed comeback. The release of her tringle (JoJo's coined term for the release of her triple A-side) would indicate that an album is on its way. But we've been here before with this chick. I don't want to be that pessimistic bastard that throws salt into the soil, but I'll believe there's a new album from JoJo when I see a release date, an album art and a tracklist. This girl has had so many false starts with albums that I can no longer take news of JoJo releasing an album seriously. This girl will never. Her Wikipedia page will stay listing The high road as her last studio album.

"When love hurts" is a solid song with a hot beat and a catchy hook which feel instantly familiar. With JoJo's 3 mixtapes all being deep rooted in R&B, I was surprised that she went for such a pop / dance focused sound here, given that she seemed to be making such an effort to steer away from it.

The video left a lot to be desired though. My general feel with this video is that the ideas and the concepts were good, but the execution should have been much more refined. The choreography is decent, but we needed to see more of it and JoJo needed to be much more involved with it. JoJo's looks are hot, but with each one I felt there was something missing; whether it was an accessory, a change of colour or a different pair of shoes. This was a real missed opportunity to create something iconic that could visually define the song and help elevate "When love hurts" from being just another dance song with a video shot in an abandoned warehouse. The right elements were there, they just weren't brought together as well as they should have been.

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