Music video: Liz - When I rule the world

When Liz released her Sophie produced bop "When I rule the world" back in July, I fell in love immediately. Then I saw the video and I asked myself why Liz would do this to herself. Why she would deliver a video so basic in a day and age where a song this fly, hyper and funky clearly demands so much more.

Liz's general style aesthetic is pretty much what you would get if 1994 Aaliyah lived in Akihabara and was friends with Pamyu Pamyu. So naturally her video is going to touch on such things. But what bugs me about this video isn't the abundance of pink and stuffed toys, it's just how plain boring the entire thing is despite the bold colour palettes amount of J-culture kitsch featured.

"When I rule the world" is a pop banger, yet there is no dancing until the very end, and the routine that we get is as weak a wet 1 ply tissue. The song also touches on BDSM, yet there are not even subtle, playful nods to this in the video. Now, I was by no means expecting Liz to be flanked by 3 dudes on a leash in pink PVC gimp outfits; although that would have been much more entertaining than watching her lie on a bed, sit on a chair and prance in front of a silver balloons for 3 minutes.


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