Perfume celebrate their 10th anniversary in a spectacle of lights, lasers and EDM bangers at 3:5:6:9

Perfume - 3:5:6:9 | Random J Pop

To celebrate their 10th anniversary Perfume performed a gig titled 3:5:6:9 at the Tokyo dome. The format of the show was very fan centric - from from the stage setup which placed Perfume bang in the centre of the venue, to the MC sections which were a lot more interactive and intermittent than usual.

The show also featured their first full length performance of "Pick me up" (the intro and stage entrance of which left my wig in cinders) along with their first Japanese performance of "Story", which they had previously debuted at the SXSW music festival in Texas, in March of this year.

The entire show was up on YouTube the day after it aired in Japan. But a user uploaded the video with the title 'Perfume 3:5:6:9 live show' so it took all of 2 minutes before Perfume's team and broadcasting authorities took that down and slapped the user in jail.

I don't know when Perfume fans are going to learn. If you search hard enough online, I'm sure you will be able to find another link or a download to th eentire performance. But for now, you can watch their performance of "Story" after the jump, which feature a few new elements from their debut performance of the song at SXSW.

The 3:5:6:9 setlist was very random, but it featured a couple of nice surprises, notably "Night flight" and "Story". All 3 of the girls seemed completely at ease throughout the entire show, which on the whole was a great display of showmanship from Perfume and their creative team. The stage setup was intimate despite the scale of the venue, but this was not without the compromise of the elaborate rigging and lighting that you would expect from a Perfume performance. Whilst Gurun Gurun had the better setlist, 3:5:6:9 had a better stage set-up conceptually.

Whenever perform drop a game changing performance, I always wonder how and if they will top it. And lo and behold, Perfume and their creative team scalped again with "Story". Their performance at SXSW had already blown my mind and my wig clean off of my head. But the 3:5:6:9 version was equally spectacular. Featuring new tricks which not only took advantage of the stage setup, but featured new elements to surprise those who were wholly familiar with the SXSW performance. The girls also risked their lives in this performance, going up 20 feet into the air on a platform with no supports or harnesses. Then they went straight into a performance of "Party maker", which saw the girls go up 20 feet into the air again on platforms which were swaying all over the place like...

Perfume's platform during "Party maker" swaying like... | Random J Pop

Perfume have full permission to scalp me on World tour 4th.


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