Hikaru Utada set to make her 2016 comeback with 2 brand new songs. Scalping season begins in April.

Hikaru Utada set to make her official comeback in 2016 with 2 brand new songs. YASSSSS! SCALP ME BITCH!! | Random J Pop

Hold onto to your wigs. Because Hikaru Utada will be releasing new music this year. This is not a test. This is not a hoax. This is 100% legit. Scalping season is upon us.

Hikaru Scalptada will be unveiling 2 songs on April 4th. The first song "Hanataba wo kimi ni" will act as the theme song to the Japanese renzoku drama Toto nee-chan. The second will act as the ending theme for a news program  - the song title of which at time of writing is yet to be revealed.

Promotion of Hikaru Utada's comeback will be fuelled via social media, via what is dubbed as the New turn project. A website which will be powered via tweets and the purchasing of Hikaru Utada's official merch. Every time somebody tweets or buys something from Hikaru's official store, cherry blossoms will bloom on the page. Needless to say, that site will look like a pink bush within minutes.

Hikaru had teased that she was working on a new album, but nothing in regards to this has been set in stone. So I wouldn't take anything in regards to an album seriously until an official statement is released. Also we know how Japanese albums roll out. Hikaru could release singles throughout 2016 and not drop an album until 2017.

Contractually, Hikaru still owes another song for the final film in the Rebuild of Evangelion series. (This series feels like it's been going on for ever). And whilst speculation of Hikaru delivering a song for Kingdom Hearts III has been up in the air following allegations over pay disputes between Disney and Hikaru - I still would not rule out Hikaru Utada helming a theme for the new Kingdom Hearts game. Whenever Square Enix decide to release it.

Hikaru Utada best turn me out with these new songs and leave me looking like Professor X. Bald, pressed and in a wheelchair. I am so ready.


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