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Ariana Grande - Be alright | Random J Pop

When Ariana dropped "Focus" I had officially lost any interest that I may have had in a new album from her. The song sounded like "Problem", looked exactly like "Problem". The song itself was a problem. The shred of hope I had of Ariana attempting something new was dashed in a bid for Ariana's team to try and recapture the success of a song which wasn't all that great in the first place.

A flop single and an album name change later (what was titled Moonlight is now Dangerous woman) and we had a new song in the form of "Dangerous woman". It was a nice change of pace for the donut licking songstress, but it still wasn't enough to sway me. But then Ariana stopped by SNL and performed a song by the name of "Be alright". Ariana hit me with deep house, smooth vocals and a cute little vogue inspired dance routine. And just like that I was sold.

Ariana has continually been compared to Mariah ever since "Baby I". But Ariana Potter shot out a Patronus of 1998 Mariah with this song and I felt it in my chest. Mariah, if you're listening; drop a song like this on your next album. Perform it in an all black tight number with your jewel encrusted Butterfly microphone and have black gays dance behind you. You will catch a hit.

I've fallen hard for this song. My evening routine pretty much consists of a 15 minute session of me just listening to it. If you were to peep through my window, you would catch me in my living room getting it to this song like...

"Focus" was just an unashamed rip off of "Problem". "Dangerous woman" whilst admirable is a boring song that feels like a stretch for Ariana, because it requires grit and really big vocals. A song such as it requires a Kelly Clarkson, a Jasmine Sullivan, a P!nk or an Adele. But "Be alright" feels like the perfect sweet spot for Ariana. And just like that, I'm kinda interested in this new album of hers again.


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