♪ Clash and Mariah, go back like Adobe liquifiers ♪

Mariah Carey gets liquified for Clash magazine | Random J Pop

Mariah, the Photoshop chanteuse graces the cover of Clash magazine, sporting a far coat, a body suit and Adobe's liquify tool in full effect.

Mariah has lost a lot of weight over the past few months, but she ain't that skinny. I think it's quite sad, because Mariah is by no means 'fat', she just never dresses appropriately for her shape. Mariah has stayed wearing the same types of dresses and outfits in her mid thirties to late forties that she was wearing in her late twenties when she was flogging her Butterfly album. This would be fine if Mariah, was the exact same body shape and size or if she actually had a decent sense of style. I rarely recall a moment when I've seen Mariah and thought her look was on point. I think the "Honey" and "The roof" videos were about as close as she came to getting that from me.

Mariah's penchant for being so dramatically slimmed down in pictures and videos is at odds, because she gives off this air that she's comfortable enough in her skin to wear these tight skimpy outfits in videos and album covers, yet is always noticeably slimmed down in post production.

There are many larger gorgeous women who are flaunting their curves and look great. Jasmine Sullivan and Amber Riley to name just two.

Miming Mimi always jokes that she is eternally 12 and young, but she needs to wake up and smell the coffee scented incense, because the reality is that:
a) She ain't 12
b) 12 year old girls don't wearing body con dresses, fur coats and bodysuits

Old habits die hard, but Mariah really does need a new stylist or a creative director to steer her looks.


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