Mini-album review: Tiffany - I just wanna dance

Mini-album review: Tiffany - I just wanna dance | Random J Pop

Tiffany has long been one of the few girls in Girls' generation who can hold a song, but not a great deal about her ever showed any promise as a solo break off act from the group. Sure, she can speak fluent English and she gets a fair amount of sections in songs. But nothing about her has ever been bold or audacious enough for me to see her in the light of a solo star. Which is why it came as a surprise to me that she put out a solo EP.

On one hand, SM entertainment have made this work. Tapping into a sound that will be very familiar to anybody who has been tuned into US pop over the past 2 years. On the other hand, the throwaway nature of the songs and nothing really sticking cements the thoughts I had in regards to why I never once saw Tiffany as a solo star. Nothing about her nor her music is memorable.

Being one of 8 members in a group whose music is reductive, unfocused and gives no one member an opportunity to stand out nor shine - Tiffany had a real chance to make something of herself here and establish herself to an audience who are not Girls' generations fans, whist ensnaring those who are. The sound adopted on this EP certainly would have allowed her that. But instead what we are left with here is an EP which is glossed and well produced, but features nothing beneath the surface. Tiffany does not matter on any of these songs. Hand any of the material on this EP to Taeyeon or Seohyun (and that's about it for members in the group who can actually sing) and the songs would be no better or worse off for it.

Everything about I just wanna dance is safe. Nothing on it will surprise nor shock and all of the songs sound like something you would hear from Girls' generation at some point anyway. What I do commend this EP for it being focused in its sound and being a cool representation of the age of the artist singing the songs. Girls' generation often regress back into sickly cute songs which are not indicative of their ages Tiffany's EP is much more reflective of her age and it represents her well as a young woman. However, nothing about this EP truly defines Tiffany as a person or an artist. The songs still feel like a case of her being a vessel as opposed to really being the DNA of the songs. That said, the songs aren't bad. The first 3 tracks "I just wanna dance", "Talk" and "Fool" adopt the 80s sound of Carly Rae Jepsen's Em-o-tion, but with much more subdue hooks. "What do I do" is the best cut on the album and the stand-out song. A large part as to why I like it is that it sounds like classic Crystal Kay. Though Western Pop heads may get Ariana Grande vibes from it. This song also features an English version, just to sweeten the deal.

I just wanna dance is not a terrible EP. But it's a good example of how a good material won't be anything more than just good when it's given to an artist who has no spark or persona to truly elevate it.

RATING: 4 / 10

Album highlights:
■ Fool
■ What do I do ★ J's fave
■ Yellow lights


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