Music video: Calvin Harris & Rihanna - This is what you came for

I was not a fan of "This is what you came for" when I first heard it, but it's grown on me in a big way over the past few weeks. It's a nice remedy for fans who felt that they were cheated out of such songs from Rihanna's 8th studio album Anti - which was void of any obvious singles and threw pop by the wayside.

The music video is a complete disappointment though. Cool concepts and shots, but an execution that renders it boring. Calvin Harris is one of the highest earning DJs right now and well... Rihanna is Rihanna. Yet between them we have this boring ass video which doesn't contribute anything to the song or break up the monotony of it.

Rihanna is not one known for her dance steps. But I really would have loved to have seen her do a routine for this song. I genuinely enjoyed watching her doing her thing in "Where have you been" (another collaboration between Rihanna and Harris) so it would have been nice to see her revisit dancing again for this song, when it's chorus pretty much calls for such.

The release of this song was followed up with an official remix EP and they are all pretty hot. I favour a couple of them over the original. So if the original doesn't quite cut it for you, be sure to check the remixes out.

"This is what you came for" has been all up in the press recently and is part of the fallout between Calvin Harris and his ex boo Taylor Swift, as it has now surfaced that she in fact wrote this song under a once secret pseudonym: Nils Sjöberg. Say what you will about T-$wizzy, but she can pen a hit.

I haven't liked any song that Calvin Harris has released post Ready for the weekend. I personally feel that Calvin music was better before he started hitting the gym, growing his natural hair colour out and got his teeth fixed. But I guess those are requirements for 'making it America', right?

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