Music video: MNEK - At night (I think about you)

If you have not heard of MNEK as an artist, then there's a high likelihood that you've heard songs that he's co-written: Madonna's "Living for love", Kylie Minogue's "Feels so good" and Beyoncé's "Hold up" to name a few. But yet, with these credits to his name and 4 solo singles into his career as an artist and he's still yet to catch a hit. Somebody get Keri Hilson on line 4.

"At night (I think about you)" is a good single. One of MNEK's strongest. Although as per all of his solo material so far, it doesn't have that X factor to really make it stand out and go all the way commercially. This is in large part due to songs such as this being in abundance on UK radio. They all sound the same.

The closest popular act I could compare MNEK's music to would be Craig David. But then look where his career ended up. Time will tell whether he will ever truly break out as a solo star or if he's destined to stay behind the scenes as a songwriter or a producer. Either way, MNEK has a career in music to enjoy. And to have the song writing and production credits that he has at the age of 21, a couple of flop singles really ain't shit.

Uzoechi Emenike. I'll be keeping my eye on you boo.


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