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Hikaru Utada - Fantôme | Random J Pop

Truly looking to put lesser, struggling J-Pop stars out of their misery, Hikaru Utada has finally revealed the official title, tracklist, album cover and errthang for her 6th Japanese studio album.

Fantôme is the title of Hikaru Utada's upcoming album and it bucks several long standing trends of Hikaru's before we've even heard the album in full.

Fantôme is French for 'Ghost', making this Hikaru Utada's first album to not feature an English title. As we know, Hikaru has dabbled with non-English / non-Japanese song titles before, with "Hymne à l'amour (Ai no anthem)" and "Mi muero", but never has this extended to an album title.

Hikaru Utada is literally give you an album and nothing else. Ain't no Limited DVD edition of this album with videos, nothing. You can cop the CD version with 11 tracks or download the damn thing through a digital store and that's that.

Hikaru Utada - Fantôme | Random J Pop

  1. Michi
  2. Ore no kanojo
  3. Hanataba wo kimi ni
  4. Nijikan dake no vacance
  5. Ningyo
  6. Tomodachi
  7. Manatsu no tooriame
  8. Kouya no ookami
  9. Boukyaku
  10. Jinsei saikou no hi
  11. Sakura nagashi

Good luck remembering these titles. The only song title I can remember is "Sakura nagashi". I for the life of me can never remember the title "Manatsu no tooriame" without Google searching it, even though I adore the song and listen to it daily.

Whilst at one point it seemed as though Hikaru Utada would do nothing more than tweet when her album was available, and perhaps wave goodbye into the camera of the paps outside of her house on the eve of September 28 to bid farewell to all of the low tier careers she's about to send into oblivion - she will be making national TV appearances to promote the album.

Hikaru Utada will appear on an extended version of the NHK show Songs special on September 22, where she will perform 2 new songs from Fantôme and partake in an interview which looks back on her past, as well as shedding light on her life during her hiatus and the creative process for Fantôme. In October, Hikaru Utada will also appear on the 10 year anniversary special of News Zero, to perform the show's current theme "Manatsu no tooriame". [Source:]

I'm surprised that we're even getting this, because Hikaru Utada became the real life Kingdom Hearts for a hot minute. That shit was her front door and she made it clear ya'll ain't ever getting the key to it. But here she is. It will be interesting to see how she is in her interviews and live performances. I'll be keeping a watchful eye out for her tweets to see how she finds being back in the spotlight after almost a decade of being out of it, as Hikaru occasionally spills that true tea on Twitter.

I do wonder how strong Fantôme's first week sales will - as this is a weird situation to gauge. The album could flop just as equally as it could smash records. timewill tell.mp3.


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