Music video: Hikaru Utada - Hanataba wo kimi ni

Hikaru Utada - Hanataba wo kimi ni | Random J Pop

"Hanataba wo kimi ni" receiving a music video was a nice surprise for fans. Not only did it mark the first appearance of Hikaru Utada in a music video since 2010, following her 2012 ("Sakura nagashi") and early 2016 ("Manatsu no tooriame") music videos not featuring her at all, but it also breathed new life into the song.

Hikaru's presence as a woman comes through so strongly in this video, which I love. Her movements and her existence in this video is so passive and stripped down, but so consuming. There is a sense of vulnerability and fragility in this video, but also such strength in the honesty of the delivery; something which I feel matches the song perfectly.

Hikaru Utada's 6th studio album Fantôme has been revealed to be a homage to her mother who passed in 2013, but the rings Hikaru wears in this video are a physical representation of the homage itself; as they were a gift from her mother - something she'd blogged about 8 years ago.

A behind the scenes 360° video of "Hanataba wo kimi ni" is also available on YouTube, which also shows just how intimate the shoot itself was, with nothing more than a room a light and a handful of a crew.