Hikaru Utada's performs "Hanataba wo kimi ni" live and snatches her own wig

Hikaru Utada - Hanataba wo kimi ni | Random J Pop

Of all of the songs that Hikaru Utada has released / recorded post "Sakura nagashi", "Hanataba wo kimi ni" is my least favourite. But it grows on me more and more each day.

I never hated "Hanataba wo kimi ni", but I never loved it. The music video did a lot to give me a new appreciation for the song, and Hikaru's debut performance of it does the same; in large part due to her sounding so much better singing the song live than she does on the studio recording.

I would love to see Hikaru perform this song with a live band and orchestra, or strip it down completely and perform an acoustic version of it. Here's hoping that she does a live special in similar fashion to Wild life. Many of the songs on Fantôme feature live instrumentation and strings. So I really hope Hikaru graces us with fully live renditions of these songs.