Music video: The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk - Starboy

The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk - Starboy | Random J Pop

It's been barely a hot minute since The Weeknd hit the charts with "I can't feel my face", but he's back with a brand new single titled "Starboy", which features co-production and guest featured breathing from the illusive duo Daft Punk.

The song picks up from where the likes of Beauty behind the madness' "I can't feel my face" and "In the night" left off, with an 80s heavy gloss of production and a general vibe not unlike that of Michael Jackson. The Weeknd also debuts his lockless look and shows us what we'd get if Kylo Ren were a Christian Jedi with a penchant for a murderous 2-step.

"Starboy" reminds me of the Streets of rage theme so bad that I was half expecting to see Blaze step out and slow pussy pop over the living room wreckage in her trademark red mini skirt.

The Weeknd releases his 3rd studio album Starboy on November 25th.