Music video: Namie Amuro - Dear diary

Namie Amuro - Dear diary | Random J Pop

Namie's double A-side for the Death note movie Death Note: Light up the NEW world features a crub banger and a ballad. "Dear diary" being the latter. Namie's ballads are often a case of hit and miss. Ever since going the 'Urban route' in 2000 Namie had avoided ballads for years, finally relenting almost a decade later with the release of "The meaning of us". However, it has felt like every ballad of hers since then has been a re-shuffle of the same template. No ballad that she's delivered since has been able to match it, and as nice as "Dear diary" is, it is pretty cookie cutter and by numbers.

"Dear diary" doesn't leave much of an impression. I'm as tired of Namie's ballads as she looks about life in general. They are all sounding the same. Namie reaching for notes that she wouldn't be able to hit with a semi automatic if they were floating in a barrel and the same tired ass production style.

The video for "Dear diary" looks nice though. It's serving me Final Fantasy X, Kilika port and Zanarkand type teas which I'm surprisingly here for - given that I wasn't the biggest fan of Final Fantasy X when I first played it.