Perfume dance on ice for UNIQLO

Perfume dance on ice for UNIQLO | Random J Pop

December is that time of year when Perfume roll out cross overs and product tie-in's like it's nobodies business, and one of their biggest is with clothing retailer UNIQLO.

This collaboration is nothing like the one Perfume had done with Japanese fashion brand Istean in 2016, which spawned a song specifically for it and had the girls pretty much dance in a damn Isetan store in its music video. Instead this collaboration has Perfume dancing to a generic song, in dresses that you actually can't buy from a UNIQLO store.

The music in this video sounds like a NTT DoCoMo ringtone and is so basic that you'd swear it could not be a song of Perfume's. Think again. This is the music which features in the intro of their Cosmic explorer dome tour, Perfume's music producer Yasutaka Nakata's has been turning in productions over the past 2 years which have been so damn basic, that this doesn't even apply anyway.

This tie in seems bizarre, because it's not really pushing or elevating UNIQLO's product in any way, or even Perfume for that matter. It's not clear what-so-ever what is being sold.

The main message of this tie in judging from the official website is technology. The technology behind UNIQLO's HEATTECH thermal wear and the technology behind Perfume's performances is the thread of commonality - but you get none of that in this video. All we have is Perfume dancing on ice cubes.