Album art & tracklisting: Kumi Koda's 13th and 14th studio albums - W Face ~Inside~ & W Face ~Outside~

Kumi Koda - W Face ~Inside~ & W Face ~Outside~ | Random J Pop

Kumi Koda is set to release her 13th studio album in March and it will be a 2 disc affair. However, the 2 discs will be sold separately. No doubt a ploy from Avex to have one of their artists chart in 2 positions on the Oricon and net twice the sales. The album will be titled W face and will be split between ~Inside~ and ~Outside~.

W Face ~Inside~ will focus on mid-tempos and ballads, where-as W Face ~Outside~ will feature ratchet jams, with SkanKumi in full effect. I have no idea what a 'W Face' is. But given that this is Kumi Koda and she's all bout dat filth; I'm going to assume that the 'W' refers to the shape of her legs when when she lying down with them wide open, and the 'Face' is what she wants buried in her vagina.

W Face ~Inside~
  1. Bridget song
  2. Bring it on
  3. Yorokobi no kakera | 喜びのかけら
  4. Stand by you
  5. Sukideshite | 好きでして
  6. Kimi omoi | 君想い
  7. On my way
  8. What's up
  9. Promise you
  10. My fun

W Face ~Outside~
  1. W Face
  2. Ultraviolet
  3. Insane
  4. Damn real
  5. Heartless
  6. Bassline
  7. Shhh!
  8. Bangerang
  9. Wicked girls
  10. Cup cake

Kumi Koda's music has been in a spin cycle of mess for years. Her last two studio albums 2014's Bon voyage and 2015's Walk of my life were both completely forgettable and pedestrian for an artist who had made a career out of giving you something which sticks, even if its bad. So I can't say I'm expecting much from this album. My lack of expectation gives this album a lot of room to surprise me. I'd love for Kumi to deliver, because she's got what it takes. It annoys me that she's yet to give me a solid 8 album. I know for many out there, they'd say that Kumi has already did this with the likes of Kingdom. But I'm still here waiting.

I can foresee W Face succumbing to what quite a few double albums succumb to; which is that the material across both discs was not good enough to warrant being spread across two discs instead of being condensed onto one.

Let's start taking bets on Ayumi Hamasaki's next release being a triple disc affair, with an accompanying feature length film which acts as the music video for the whole album.