Music video: Perfume - Tokyo girl

Music video: Perfume - Tokyo girl | Random J Pop

Perfume's Cosmic explorer album phase was a drawn out mess, which culminated in an album which should have been much worse considering the lacklustre singles, but was still not up to par with where Perfume should be musically at this stage in their careers. I was prepared to let Cosmic explorer go and for Perfume to make like it never happened by kick starting the next album cycle with a great single. But instead we got "Tokyo girl", which is a low energy version of "Flash". And one can't seem to shake that Perfume's "Tokyo girl" and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Harajuku iyahoi" are pretty much the same song.

For a group who have delivered such unique and cutting edge videos, this shit is bad. Really bad. I'm beginning to think that Perfume's team are completely desensitised to how bad the song is, because if they were aware of it's quality, or lack there-of; they would not have allowed Perfume to release it or they would have shot a bomb-ass video to compensate. This video was legit 3 minutes of watching people run through the streets of Tokyo with the climax being...wait for it...Perfume dancing on a giant triangle. Big surprise.