Remix: Calvin Harris & Rihanna - This is what you came for (Saint-Laurent 80s remix)

Calvin Harris & Rihanna - This is what you came for (Saint-Laurent 80s remix) | Random J Pop

Some wonderful person out there (in Scotland, I believe) has re-created Calvin Harris and Rihanna's hit "This is what you came for" and transformed it from a pretty standard EDM bop into mid-power-ballad 80s realness. This right here is what I came for and I have no regrets.

This should not work. But, by golly, it does. It really does. This is better than the original. I will not let anybody tell me otherwise. Let YouTube remixes be a new Grammy category. Because folks out here be transforming songs something amazing and legit be putting producers in the game to shame.

If this somehow ends up on Google music, holla at me immediately. Because I would toss this remix 99p without a second thought.

The mastermind behind this remix goes by the name Saint-Laurent. And if you dig this remix, like, the video, comment on it, heart all his shit on Soundcloud. Stalk his Twitter and Insta, and ask when the next remix is dropping.

Saint-Laurent on Instagram
Saint-Laurent at Soundcloud
Saint-Laurent on YouTube


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