Music video: Ibibio sound machine - Give me a reason

Ibibio sound machine - Give me a reason | Random J Pop

Behold, Eno Williams. The Nigerian queen of pop. Front woman of the band Ibibio sound machine. If you are into funky, feel good pop with an Afrobeat twist and Nigerian stank, then Ibibion sound machine will it to serve you by the pot load.

The lead single form their second album Uyai, "Give me a reason", is sun entirely in Ibibio, as all of their songs are. This won't phase those of you who frequent this site, as I post on Japanese music that neither myself or all of you guys can understand. But that don't stop us from enjoying a damn thing. So get into this funky perfection complete with an equally psychedelical video.

"Give me a reason" 'bout to be my 2017 Summer jam, and you best believe my black ass is on Ticketmaster looking for when Ibibio sound machine gon' be playing their next gig in London.