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Beni - Covers the city | Random J Pop

Beni's career has been in a free-fall for a good minute. So in a bid to stop it, Beni is going back to the one thing which caused the surprising surge in her popularity and saw her manage to chart higher and even outsell an Ayumi Hamasaki release. Covers.

Yes. Beni is making a comeback with another damn Covers album. Her fourth.

Beni's fourth Covers album is titled Covers the city, which takes songs originally sung by male Japanese singers and reinterprets them in the theme of City pop. As was the case with her previous Covers albums, all of the songs will be sung in English.

Beni - Covers the city | Random J Pop

Covers the city will feature 12 tracks in total and be released on September 13th. Beni also added additional dates to her Hotel Beni tour, so her Japanese fans can expect to hear her perform material from the album.

Beni really won me over with her Jewel album. But after that, all she did was release mediocrity. It was a real shame, because it seemed as though after finding her niche and her sound over the course of Bitter & Sweet and Lovebox then nailing it with Jewel, that she phoned it in with Fortune and fell all the way off with its follow-ups Red and Undress, both of which were absolute rubbish.

Covers the city could be the catalyst for Beni to finding her sound again as city pop is a style of which could suit her. It would be a much welcomed surprise for Covers the city to be really good and act as course correction for Beni's next studio album.

At least I hope this will be the case. It's like every chick in J-Pop I used to like is falling off, so I could do with some killer comebacks.

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