Hear a snippet of Perfume's 24th single, the cunnilingus bop "If you wanna"

Perfume's 24th single - If you wanna | Random J Pop

Perfume will be releasing their 24th single "If you wanna" on August 30th. I don't get why Perfume announce singles so far ahead of their release and then take weeks to put the music video on their YouTube channel. By the time their singles drop they're already old.


"If you wanna" features as part of Perfume's tie in with the oral care company Ora2, just as "Houseke no ame" did. You can hear a snippet of their new song in their new commercial, which looks like a cross between "Voice" and "Spice".

It's difficult to form a a full opinion of the song based on this snippet, because it sounds like it's either the intro or a refrain, so it doesn't give anything of the song away. I just hope that this song pops off. Because if this is some twinkly ass bullshit, I'm done.

I'm already shaking my head at the school girl lyrics, although I'm willing to interpret them as Perfume talking about having their pussy French kissed. These girls are in their late 20s, so I know they're about that life and respecting the needs of their vaginas. Plus there's the tie in with oral hygiene and then the advert concept of making sure you get that pussy eaten by an office boo, a city boo and a getaway boo when you travel.

"If you wanna" will be released physically and digitally on August 30th and will also feature their song "Everyday" as a B-side. Oddly, the CD + DVD edition of the single will not feature a music video for "If you wanna", but will feature one for "Everyday".

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