Hikaru Utada set to release her 12th digital single "Forevermore"

Hikaru Utada - Forevermore | Random J Pop

Hikaru Utada blessed Japan with Suntory holy water and its accompanying song "Oozora de dakishimete" and then followed it up quickly with news that she would also be releasing a digital single by the name of "Forevermore".

Hikaru Utada appears to be making up for the time she spent on her hiatus and I'm here for it whilst it lasts. Because who knows when a bitch will peace out and disappear again.

Hikaru Utada - Forevermore | Random J Pop

"Forevermore" features at the theme song to the Summer J-drama Gomen, Aishiteru. Hikaru is the Queen of themes at this point, a title she earned with "First love" and remained undisputed when those Kingdom Hearts cheques cleared for "Hikari / Simple & clean" and "Passion / Sanctuary".

A video for "Forevermore" was shot in London by photographer Jamie-James Medina, who is known for his work with Sampha, The xx and Lady Gaga. Jamie's style is very low key, atmospheric and he loves to desaturate. So expect something that looks like it could easily sit under the Fantôme aesthetic if the single cover art is anything to go by.

"Forevermore" will be released on July 28th.

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