Kumi Koda releases her first Summer single in 2 years and it's "Lit"

Kumi Koda - Lit | Random J Pop

Kumi Koda will be back with her what was once annual, Summer single and it is titled "Lit". I rolled my eyes when I first read this, because once again Kumi is pulling that contrived shit that she always does. What doesn't help is that the song itself is about as lit as the ice shelf that's set to break off from the Antarctic.

Then there's the single art which wants to sit alongside the W face aesthetic, but has some odd deviant art Photoshop palm leaf brush shit going on. It's a far cry from the bold, ho-antic, colourful arts we had gotten from Kumi in the past.

Kumi Koda - Lit | Random J Pop

I can't with her contact lenses, her open mouth and how all I can see in this photo is nose.

"Lit" will be sold exclusively through the official artist merch shop mu-mo and will also be available at selected concert venues. Kumi isn't trying for a hit with this song, which is fine, because it has zero potential to be one anyway. I don't see the point in this single, but I could say that about most of Kumi Koda's discography.

Hopefully the video will at least look great. But if Kumi's previous videos are anything to go by, she'll probably be hit with the same budget cut that's affected Ayumi Hamasaki's videos since 2012.

"Lit" will be released on August 2nd.