Music video: Daichi Miura - U

Daichi Miura - U | Random J Pop

"U" is Daichi Miura's 22nd single. After years of buzzy, messy sounding singles it's rather nice to hear a song that's just straight forward and a bit generic. It also highlights that he can actually hold a tune without the crutch of over-production.

But every-time I listen to this song I can't help but think that it would have suited a female vocalist better. The first chick that came to mind was Hiromi, because this legit sounds like a song of hers. I don't know if she had anything to do with the songwriting or the production of the vocals, but "U" stinks of her. The good part of her that gave us the hotness that was Rainbow. Not the failed career part.

The video starts off pretty cute, even if it did feel a little like a basic ass version of Bruno Mars' "That's what I like". But then it became another generic dance video, and quite frankly, Daichi's past few videos have all looked the damn same. Him and a bunch of dudes dancing in some crusty warehouse. Daichi needs to step his visual game up. He also need to tighten up the choreography, because his shit ain't nowhere near as tight as it was when he started out.