Music video: Haim - Want you back

I was late with Haim. Really fucking late. Only in March of 2017 did I hear their song "If I could change your mind" which I was shocked to find out it was their 5th single and that it had originally released 3 years prior. I fell for the song so much that I checked out their debut album Days are gone and was pleasantly surprised to find it full of bops. (If I were to recommend one song, check out the album title track. It's a low key banger).

Haim's lead single from their sophomore album Something to tell you "Want you back" didn't do much for me at first, but the video moved the needle in a huge way, the simplicity of which really highlights the power of the song in the moments where it flourishes.

The video was directed by Jake Schreier and choreographed by Ian Eastwood and Francis and the Lights, which comes as no surprise. This video and the moves couldn't scream Francis and the Lights any more unless Francis himself turned up half way through.

A clap for when the girls hit that walk at 2:38.