Music video: Hikaru Utada - Forevermore

Music video: Hikaru Utada - Forevermore | Random J Pop

Hikaru Utada has never been one for dancing, but that's exactly what she does in her music video for her 12th digital single "Forevermore". Hikaru serves a Janet Jackson "The pleasure principle" type of realness with this shit right here. There's even some hair whipping ya'll. Hikaru Utada. Whips her hair. Back and fo'th.

I love how after 15 years, she's still able to deliver great music videos and give us something she hasn't given us before, whilst still remaining true to her own visual cadence. It was surprising to see Hikaru Utada dance, but it wasn't strange - because of the style of her dancing. If Hikaru stepped out into that warehouse and gave me Ciara pussy pops, lean backs and floor grinds, I would have raised an eyebrow. I probably would have loved that mess. But it wouldn't have felt fitting for Hikaru Utada. But with this free interpretive, modern dance style, Hikaru just did Hikaru. The only thing I don't like about this video is the scene of the Chameleon hatching. The CGI looks so bad it took me out of what was a really compelling video up until that point.

I'm also in love with the song. This is so much better than that nonsense she did for Suntory.

If Japan were a market for re-issues and album re-releases, "Forevermore" would make a great additional track for her 2016 album Fantôme. It feels almost like a familial partner to "Ore no kanojo".

Shout outs to U.Blog for hooking literally everybody up with links to the video in the midst of Sony and their nonsensical region locking.