Jessie Ware drops an acoustic version of her single "Midnight"

Jessie Ware - Midnight | Random J Pop

In what comes as much of a surprise as the release of the single itself, Jessie Ware has released an acoustic version of her comeback single "Midnight".

I actually prefer this version to the original because it draws out the mood of the song and places an emphasis on the melody of the song and Jessie's vocals. It also shifts Jessie's overall sound further into a new direction than the original already did, by taking a sound which is new for Jessie and stripping it right the way back. Even on Jessie's most minimal songs (i.e "Devotion", "Tough love", "Champagne kisses") there is still a sense of over-production and her vocals being layered and wrapped in sounds and textures. But here Jessie's vocals are front and centre. It doesn't sit over the music or beneath the surface of it, it's front and centre. I really hope this features on the deluxe edition of her upcoming album and I'd love if she did live performances which fuse both the original and acoustic version of the song.

Jessie confirmed a couple of weeks ago that her third studio album is complete. So expect a release date any time now. If I hear that it's dropping in 2018, I'mma throw some (plastic) plates 'n shit.