Listen: Perfume - If you wanna

I didn't think the follow-up single to "Tokyo girl" would be worse than "Tokyo girl", but it is ya'll. "If you wanna" is a mess.

I've gotta hand it to Perfume. They're as good at disappointing me as they are at snatching my edges.

"If you wanna" is literally everything that was wrong with their Cosmic explorer album and the issue that I have had with Perfume's producer Nakata Yasutaka for a while now. This is just Nakata doing what he wants to do. He ain't giving a damn about no clients with this mess. I don't know how Perfume are okay with this shit. A-chan needs to say s'um.

We also have yet another song which was produced for a product tie-in which is literally an elongated jingle in the same way that "Display" and "Next stage with you" were. Minimal vocals. Long instrumental passages. Something that should never have been made into a full song and certainly not made a single. I can't see "If you wanna" doing particularly well on the Oricon charts unless Ora2 start leaving toothbrushes and life-sized cut outs of Perfume all over the place and Perfume perform the shit out of it on national television.

This song is just a case of Nakata doing what he wants to do, with no regard for Perfume. Yet again, another song where Perfume aren't even the focus of it. Each of these girls must have spent all of 10 seconds in the booth putting down vocals for this shit. I could forgive this if the song were structured better. The lyrics for "Spending all my time" were literally just 'Spending all my time loving you forever' but Perfume were all over that song AND IT WAS GOOD. "If you wanna" is not about Perfume. It's about Nakata wanting to do wub-wub music. This should have been a Capsule song, not a Perfume single.