Perfume debut their live performance of "If you wanna" and a preview of the music video

Perfume - If you wanna (Live performance) | Random J Pop

Perfume's marketing and promo teams are a mess. These girls have a new single out in a week and only now do they drop a live performance of it? Not to mention that there has been no active promotion for neither "If you wanna" or "Everyday" aside from them featuring in some toothbrush and washing machine commercials respectively.

This single gon' flop. But anyway...

The one thing I will say about this mess of a song is that it comes off better in a live performance because of the routine, which reminded me a lot of "Sweet refrain". It's been a while since we got a Perfume routine where the girls are moving their whole bodies. a-chan, Nocchi and Kashiyuka were bucking on that stage and for a minute I was kinda livin'. The song is still some garbage though and a-chan looks like she's already done with it.

Despite the physical release of "If you wanna" not featuring a music video, the girls have actually shot a video for it, which should surface any day now.

Its a wise move, 'cos "If you wanna" needs all the push it can get and a good music video would at least give the song a chance to change the minds of those who had already written the song off.

I'm not gonna say a damn thing about this looking like a "1mm" and "Flash" re-hash.