Hikaru Utada to release new single "Anata" in December

Hikaru Utada to release new single "Anata" in December | Random J Pop

♪ On the 8th day of Christmas Hikaru gave to me, a snatching of my lace front wiiiiiiiig! ♪

I'm still waiting on my online order for my replacement wig "Forevermore" snatched it clean off my head and this woman is already prepping another single. At this rate we gon' get a new album in 2018 ya'll. Unless she says 'Fuck it' and goes on another hiatus.

Hikaru Utada's new single is titled "Anata" and will feature in the Japanese film Destiny: Kamakura monogatari, which from the looks (and also the sounds of things) is a Japanese Harry Potter. Check out the trailer below, which features "Anata" around the 1:00 mark.

When the piano came in I was like 'Hmmm....', then the kicks, hit-hats and hand claps came in and my head started rocking.

Sadly the song will not be released until December 8, the same day that Harry Potter and the sensei's shakuhachi releases nationally across Japan. At present there is no word on whether there will be a music video. But if there is, I'mma need Hikaru to do the fucking most. I will not stand for a 3 minute and 26 second video featuring nothing but clips from Harry Potter and the secret of Kumamoto.

Takashi Yamazaki, the director of Harry Potter and the goblet of koshu had reached out to Hikaru Utada to provide the song, to which she reportedly accepted without hesitation, throwing herself into writing the song.

Now, I know I mention Kingdom Hearts 3 every time I post about Hikaru Utada. But, ya'll. If Hikaru will agree to sing a song about about a bottle of water, write a song for a drama which features Ayumi Hamasaki's ex and provide a song for Fantastic fugu and where to find them, then she ain't saying no to providing the Kingdom Hearts III theme song unless somebody at Disney or Square Enix dragged the late Keiko Fuji or threw shade at her child. She just AIN'T.

I love that the cathartic release of Fantôme has kick started this drive in Hikaru Utada that's put her back on the grind and steadily releasing music. I just hope that we don't end up with singles throughout 2018 and then an album dropping at the tail end of the year with only 3 new songs.

Between news of Namie Amuro's retirement, which will put a blanket over anything Ayu does between now and when Namie officially retires next September and Hikaru releasing a new single in what is sure to be Japan's national Christmas movie, Ayu is just...

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