Music video: Bonnie McKee is a problematic bae in "Thorns"

Music video: Bonnie McKee - Thorns | Random J Pop

If you're an avid fan of pop music and you don't know the name Bonnie McKee, then you's a fraud. I could run through a stone cold list of hit songs that she has written, but I'll just say this. Katy Perry owes a bitch her whole life. Because without Bonnie, there'd be no Teenage dream and no "Roar". Bonnie McKee didn't write a damn song on Katy's 5th studio album Shitness and look what happened to that. So who's the real talent, hmmmm?

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Bonnie McKee has made a couple of attempts to go solo, but has flopped each time. But she stays on her independent grind, funded by those Teenage dream debit payments which stay gaining interest. She's not had a co-write on the Billboard charts for a minute, but that's the sacrifice you make when you're trying to make your own shit pop and not somebody else's. It's certainly not stopping her though, as she has a new song out called "Thorns" and it's a bit of a bop. Wait till the chorus drops and tell me you didn't get a little bit low.

The music video was shot on VHS by visionary Darren Craig, who was also the creative director for Bonnie's "Bombastic" video which shared a similar lo-fi 80s aesthetic.

Her 2016 release "Easy" from her Bombastic EP should have been a huge hit for her. But here's to hoping that "Thorns" fares a little better. There's no escaping the Katy Perry comparisons when you hear the hooks in Bonnie's songs. But with Bonnie being the master mind behind many of Katy's killer hooks from Teenage dream, hooks of which were not present for shit on Witness. The fact is that Bonnie doesn't sound like Katy at all. Bonnie sounds like Bonnie.

The Katy comparisons are going to be inevitable. The only way Bonnie can overcome this is to keep releasing her own music to make an imprint as an artist, but to also keep writing songs for other artists. If she does this long enough and well enough, people will be able to distinguish songs that she's written in the same way we're able to pick out songs that Sia has written the second we hear it on the radio. It will help shift the reactions from 'Oh, that sounds like Katy Perry', to 'Oh, this sounds like Bonnie McKee'.