Music video: Jessie Ware - Selfish love

Jessie Ware - Selfish love | Random J Pop

I don't even know the words to Jessie's last single "Midnight" yet and already this woman has dropped a new one with a new visual.

The end of of the music video for "Midnight" made it clear that there would be a follow up to explain why Jessie is wandering around borderline in her feelings, but somewhat carefree and who exactly the guy floating in water is. Enter, "Selfish love".

Rules on how to cheat on Jessie Ware: Don't. She is not the one. Jessie will not waste her time nor energy walking down the street and smashing cars with a baseball bat like Beyoncé. She will just pop her man clean in his chest with a rifle. Shit won't even go to court, because the maid who was down from the start will be the alibi and dispose of that body like he weren't ever there.

The music video is beautifully shot. It's nice to have a video from Jessie which has some form of story and flecks of humour, as opposed to just pure aesthetic.

"Selfish love" is unlike anything we have heard from Jessie before and contrasts completely with "Midnight". I like "Selfish love", but I wouldn't have released it as a single. It's rather nondescript. Fine as an album cut, but not what you'd release if you're after something to create momentum for an album release.

Jessie's third studio album is imminent and is rumoured to be titled Glasshouse.