Music video: Joseph of Mercury serves Grease dream sequence realness in "Angel"

Music video: Joseph of Mercury - Angel | Random J Pop

If you're a bit tired of the same ol' same ol' pop and want something a bit different and throwback to an era other than the 80s, then Joseph of Mercury is your guy. (He's not bad to look at neither).

Canadian up and crooner Joseph of Mercury (real name Joseph W. Salusbury) has recently released his self-titled debut 6 track EP and debuted a music video for one of the songs off it, "Angel". This song sounds like a cross between the Righteous brothers' "Unchained melody" and something from the Grease soundtrack. Bloody looks like it too. I was half expecting to hear a record scratch 2 minutes in and for this to turn into "Beauty school drop out".

Joseph does not only deserve a medal for putting out a song which goes against the complete grain of his contemporaries (save for Lana Del Rey); but he deserves one for rocking a baby blue knitted T-shirt tucked into baby blue ankle length chinos and making that shit work, because my black ass could never. My skin tone would so pop against that baby blue though.

At time of writing, Joseph of Mercury has less Twitter followers than me. But something tells me that he's going to be one to watch and that "Angel" will be the song that crosses him right over into the popular mainstream. It'll probably happen months down the line though, after some NBC or HBO series features it in a show, or an artist covers it on BBC live lounge.