Random J edit: Perfume - Cosmic Explorer Megamix (by Random J)

Random J edit: Perfume (パフューム) - Cosmic Explorer Megamix (by Random J) | Random J Pop

Back in 2014 I had done a megamix of songs from Perfume's LEVEL3 album and now I've done one for their 5th studio album Cosmic Explorer. This megamix features a couple of the B-sides which didn't make the album and one which came after. But the majority of songs from this are those from the Cosmic explorer album itself. I even threw the album mix of "Flash" in there to show it some form of love, because Perfume sure as hell don't seem to acknowledge it.

Cosmic Explorer was a pretty inconsistent album. We all knew prior to its release that it was going to sound a mess given the radically varying quality of the singles, but the track order certainly didn't help. Hopefully this megamix circumvents that a little.

This has kept my ass on a treadmill for 15 minutes, when prior I'd be rolling off that shit after 3. So this megamix be doin' SUTTIN'.

If you like it, please feel like to fave it, share it and all that good shit people do when they like stuff. 

In an ideal world, I'd do megamixes for Game, Triangle and JPN. But I know what I'm like, so I probably won't. Or maybe I will. But I probably won't.

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