Perfume to release Perfume clips 2

Perfume clips 2 | Random J Pop

Perfume will be putting out another home release featuring all of their post JPN music videos. Everything from 2013's "Spending all my time" right up until the recent "If you wanna".

I kinda don't see the point in this with all of their videos available on YouTube. Unless you're a Perfume fan with no Internet. The lack of behind the scenes reels and bonus footage is a shame and reduces the need factor for me. But, whatever.

It's quite interesting that Perfume are choosing to release this now. But I guess now is as good a time as any, when they have enough music videos to round pad out a DVD. There's probably nothing to it other than that.

01. Spring of life
02. Spending all my time
03. Mirai no museum
04. Magic of love
05. 1mm
06. Sweet refrain
07. Cling cling
08. Display
09. Hold your hand
10. Relax in the city
11. Pick me up
12. Star train
13. Flash
14. Tokyo girl
15. Everyday
16. If you wanna

I didn't realise how dead ass and sterile Perfume's videos after JPN were until I saw the montage of videos. Of course, there are highlights and moments of visual brilliance with the likes of "Spring of life", "1mm", "Display", "Flash" and even fucking "Mirai no museum" to an extent. But there's a real lack of charm that their music videos have now. It's all about giving this one look, being wholly detached from everything, looking cold and just hitting the routine. As much as I love me a good Perfume routine, I do miss the playful whimsy we got in videos such as "Natural ni koishite", "Voice" and "Laser beam". Perfume had character back then and I miss seeing that in their music videos.

YouTuber and Perfume fan Fray Grants did a great video about Perfume's music videos, which goes into depth about the shared narratives between them and the different styles which emerge dependant on which director they work with. Definitely worth a watch. It touches on a numerous things that I hadn't picked up on and even changed my opinion on videos of theirs that I had once liked. I'd definitely recommend giving it a watch.

Perfume clips 2 will be released on November 29, 2017. Just in time for Christmas. Does anybody still buy DVD's and Blu-rays as gifts these days? Or am I just living in some special-ass upside-down where nobody likes me enough to buy things I can watch on a disc? It's probably the later.