Music video: Faky turn up hella sour in "Suga sweet"

Faky - Suga sweet | Random J Pop

Faky released a digital single "Suga sweet" back in August, with no video. But now it has one. Lookatchu Japan! Slowly coming around to giving songs music videos after their physical and digital releases 'n' shit. Ya'll still have a long way to go to get this online distribution of music video shit right, but baby steps, I guess.

Now, let's get into this Faky song and video. I wasn't keen on "Suga sweet" AT. ALL. The song sounds so outdated and quite frankly, Namie gave me this vibe 4 years ago with "Stardust in my eyes" and did it better. A good video could have really saved this song, but nope. We got this raggedy ass mess...

Faky gave me a piece of shit video shot in what has to be the crustiest location in all of Japan, with dead ass looks for each of the girls and a routine that's about as hot as the pussy of an Antarctic Minke whale.

I am so disappointed in Faky for this. They came so fucking correct with "Someday we'll know" and then drop this doo-doo bomb.