Namie Amuro serves Princess Leia realness in a Hulu TV commercial

Namie Amuro x Hulu - Do it for love | Random J Pop

With Namie Amuro's documentary series broadcasting on Hulu between now and when she checks out of her career forever on September 16, 2018, it makes sense that Hulu would feature Namie in one of their campaigns to promote the service.

The TV commercial for the online streaming service has Namie serving Princess Leia realness on a spaceship, which looks like the room in which you first fight Barthandelus in Final Fantasy XIII and a preview of her new song "Do it for love", which features on her peace-out best album Finally.

The commercial concept is based some-what on Namie's now-not-so-secret life as the J-Pop architect. Namie's home has a Cerebro type control room which she controls as Professor NeXt, through which is able to summon the career of every female J-Pop artist, each of which is represented as a screen. When Namie touches the screen, it powers down and that artists' career flat-lines.

Namie as Professor NeXt. Ending careers (by ?J) | Random J Pop

In other new Namie song related news, the title song from her peace-out album will be used as the new theme for NTV's Monday night show News zero. Hikaru Utada fans will be familiar with this show by name, as her 2016 song "Manatsu no tōriame" was the theme of it prior. News zero clearly have a 'queens only' policy.