Music video: Hikaru Utada serves swag with "Anata"

Hikaru Utada - Anata | Random J Pop

So it looks like I'll be spending Christmas bald this year, because Hikaru has come through and snatched me clean. A bitch had me waking up looking like fucking Dhalsim from Street Fighter II. The nerve.

I should have known I was about to get my whole life handed to me in a UNIQLO paper bag when the "Anata" video thumbnail featured Hikaru standing in the middle of a studio with her Fantôme beta bob wig and a bomber jacket. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.

Between this and "Forevermore" I like that Hikaru is still giving us the instrumental textures of Fantôme, but with a layer of something that none of the songs on Fantôme had. I can't put my finger on it, but "Forevermore" and "Anata" feel much more inviting and accessible than anything on Fantôme. There's a sense of warmth to these songs. Fantôme felt like an album of songs where Hikaru was demanding that we hear what she has to say. "Forevermore" and "Anata" feel more like conversations.

I can't lie. I love that Hikaru is giving me the R&B vibes again. I've missed them dearly.

The timing of "Anata" is perfect. Not only does it feel perfect for the holidays, but being released in conjunction with her entire back catalogue being available for streaming, the song also feels retrospective. It feels like First love, Distance, a bit of Heart station and even This is the one all wrapped up in box with a weave ribbon on it.

The music video is nothing spectacular. Especially after Hikaru danced her pussy off in that of "Forevermore". But it matches the tone of the song. I'm just glad we didn't get a music video which was just montages of clips from the Harry Potter and the prisoner of Kamogawa movie that it features in. I got lost in the video and started fully feeling my whole entire self the second Hikaru gave me swag at the 0:55 mark.

Hikaru on that "Anata" swag | Random J Pop

I'm fully here for Hikaru Utada to come out on the stage of her "Anata" performances like.

Hikaru Utada stepping out to "Anata" like... | Random J Pop

Hikaru really ain't trying to give us visual consistency with "Anata" at ALL. She drops the single cover which has her sporting her "Forevermore" hair and then drops a video with a completely different vibe and look. She's letting us know to always keep a new wig handy, because you just never know when a bitch will snatch it.