Amber and Luna of f(x) release their pussy anthem "Lower"

Amber x Luna - Lower | Random J Pop

The true talent in f(x), the glue holds the group together (for now), the only members who could have legitimate solo careers, etc.

Of course I'm talking about Amber and Luna.

Amber and Luna's solo EP's were both above and beyond what I expected from either of them. Their EP's were so tight and spotlit their styles in such a great way, that I was on board with SM turning around and saying "It's a wrap for f(x)ya'll!". Providing that Amber and Luna were given the freedom (My bad. Slave Monger entertainment don't do freedom) ...'Opportunity' to continue releasing solo material.

Amber and Luna doing a song together isn't much of a surprise. They've teamed up before. But I was no prepared for them to drop a song about their pussy. I shouldn't be that surprised. Given that BoA dropped a pussy anthem back in 2015 and Girls' generation dropped theirs last year.

I'mma need a remix of this featuring cupcakKe.