Norway's finest Rytmeklubben comes thru with their Winter banger "No apologies"

Rytmeklubben featuring Liz & Santell - No apologies | Random J Pop

Whilst ya'll are over there calling Justin Timberlake's "Filthy" a banger, I'll be right here in my  Adidas puffer jacket and Converse climate boots poppin' my booty on a snow covered football pitch in Oslo to Rytmeklubben's ACTUAL banger "No apologies".

I want to campaign for Winter bangers to be A THING. Fuck a ballad and an Ed Sheeran song.

The best way I can describe Rytmeklubben is a Norwegian version of PC music. Which I will admit first-hand is a really lazy explanation for a group that's much more than that.

"No apologies" deserves to blow up, but it won't, because it features Liz. I'm here for Liz. But she's one of those kryptonite bitches who just can't catch commercial breaks. It's a real shame, because Liz has consistently delivered bops since day one. And even with collaborations, she delivers and ends up on songs which fit her M.O. perfectly.

I need Rytmeklubben to stop playing games and drop an album this year.

I also need to book me a getaway to Oslo, because it looks hella cool. Literally.