Kumi Koda's 15th studio album 'And' is affected by the Avex budget cuts

Kumi Koda - And | Random J Pop

You'd be hard pressed to tell that Skankumi Koda has released anything since Japonesque, the last album of hers that anybody gave a damn about. But she's released 4 albums since then. Yes bitch. I'm shocked too and I posted about every single one of those flops.

After doing her I am...Kumi Fierce in 2017 with W face, Kumi is back dropping 2 albums within a year. Only this time, she won't be double-discing it. Instead she will be releasing one album at the top of the year and another at the tail end. Get into the Beni Bitter & Sweet style covers below.

Kumi Koda - And (CD + DVD edition) | Random J Pop Kumi Koda - And (CD edition) | Random J Pop

Kumi Koda - And (CD + Blu ray edition) | Random J Pop Kumi Koda - And (CD + 3xDVD fan club edition) | Random J Pop

Kumi came through with these looks. The CD + DVD edition is THE one, because Kumi is serving leg and bussin' it open. I'm even able to look past her horrendous mouth open foolishness, because her styling is so on point on each cover. These definitely should have been textless though. Having Kumi straddling the album title and then to have the able title displayed as text seems redundant.

Watch this bitch drop her end of year album in some special double disc edition with And to try and have both albums hit the charts at the same time. She ain't slick.

  1. Party
  2. Sweetest taboo
  3. Got me going
  4. Who
  5. Outta my head
  6. Never enough
  7. All right
  8. Lit
  9. Brain
  10. It's my life

This is the leanest tracklist that a Kumi album has ever had, with the exception of her 2013 cover album Color the cover. Avex be cutting those studio budgets, because Ayu's Colours got done the exact same way. Fuck those intros and interludes. Until a bitch can have a single can chart in the ORICON top 10 and have it stay there for more than a day, Avex ain't paying for no extra studio time. As for that music video budget? Nope. Ya'll will not be getting DVD's featuring music videos to every song. Not any more.

I really hope "Sweetest taboo" is a cover of the Sade 1985 classic. Because I know Kumi will fuck it up and give me my whole entire life, because I'm messy like that.

Bland will be released on February 28, 2018.

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