Friendly Fires return with their Summer pop bop "Love like waves"

Friendly Fires - Love like waves | Random J Pop

The St. Albans originated band Friendly Fires have finally returned. And after a 7 year hiatus it's like these sons of bitches never even left my alone and sat in a Hawaiian skirt amidst cracked coconuts, tins of Del Monte pineapple slices and a Lilo & Stitch blu-ray.

Friendly Fires comeback single "Love like waves" is everything that Friendly Fires fans probably never expected, but totally expected. It sounds like something lifted straight from their 2011 release Pala to please the old fans, but with a pop hook and a sense of Euphoria which will open them up to new fans who appreciate bops.

Friendly Fires front man Ed Macfarlane seemed to imply during the group's hiatus that their sound would probably change. I don't know what made them change their mind, but I'm glad its business as usual. Pala seemed like a concept album of sorts, which I was fine with; because the music was so good, the album was leaps and bounds better than their debut and it was still very much within the sonic-sphere of what Friendly Fires had delivered on their debut. But it's great to hear that the sound of Pala is actually THE Friendly Fires sound and part of their brand now. To have a group who started out Indie embrace Pop and pull their sound into the territories of House and even R&B because they like the sounds and fucking feel like it is refreshing. So I hope it continues with this new album, and if "Love like waves" is anything to go by, it's looking like more than just a possibility.

Friendly Fires haven't yet announced a new album, but it's coming and it needs to come soon bitch. I need me my Summer soundtrack and Friendly Fires had better give it to me.

If you like what you hear here, be sure to check out their album Pala, which was back to back bops from start to finish.

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